It was hot as forge yesterday. #fab101 #forge #ornamentaliron #steel #9/16solidround #metalwork #blacksmith #hot #heat #hotsteel (Taken with Instagram)



Steel stalactites over a mountain of green

Nature on her side

What a beautiful juxtaposition.

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Water Tank #architecture #water #tank #blue #steel #CRII (Taken with Instagram)

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Object Name: Dagger

Date: second half 16th century

Geography: India, Deccan, Bijapur or Golconda

Hilt: copper; cast, chased, gilded and inlaid with rubies.

Blade: steel; forged

Dimensions: L. 15 5/8 in. (39.6 cm)

Classification: Arms and Armor

Portraits of Sultan ‘Ali ‘Adil Shah of Bijapur (r. 1558– 80) show him wearing daggers with zoomorphic hilts similar to this one. In this superlative, ruby-studded hilt, a dragon, whose tail wraps around the grip, attacks a lion, which in turn attacks a deer, symbolism associated with the deity Garuda. Before the deer is a parrotlike bird with a snake in its beak. Lower down on the hilt is the head of a yali, a mythical lionlike animal, with floral scrolls issuing from its mouth.

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1) monogrammed copper ring. 2) snakeskin printed copper ring. 3) chaan lu inspired bracelet - boro bead by my sister. 4) chaan lu inspired bracelet - boor bead by my stepmother. 5) a set of sterling silver rings

Sort of what I’ve been up to lately… I’ve been doing more soldering; plus I got a new plant, useful for photos, hmm?


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Tempus Fugit - Time flies, especially when one is working on an airship or slaving away on your newest device. If this happens to you, you can always remind yourself of your loved ones (or your newest device) by carrying a picture in this stunning round brass locket ornamented by a marvelous clockface gear set. The locket also doubles as a fashionable faux pocket watch.

Round brass locket is 3” long, and includes copper and base metal gears, gold clock face, and a fancu copper head pin. Locket is hung on a 20” brass chain.

Available at my Etsy store.



Since today is Nicola Tesla’s 156th birthday and I’m a Tesla fan, I thought I’d post a pic of the first pair of tesla-inspired earrings I made exactly two years ago. These are the prototypes, so they have a lot of…um…”character”. I kept them for posterity. :) Happy birthday, Nic!

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